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Acon Tobacco Industries is the official distributor of La Caoba Cigars

La Caoba Cigars

1910 was the year of origin of La Caoba cigars, in the city of Worms, Germany, where Mauritz Stadecker, together with his wife, Johana May, started to manufacture hand-made cigars. They used wooden molds and applied some techniques which are still being used nowadays.

The high quality of their products was the main factor of their prestige in Germany, a fact that allowed the Stadecker Cigar Company to undergo the great inflation in 1922 without being affected.

La Caoba Paraguay


1929 - Moving to Berlin

Mauritz Stadecker died in 1929, and his family members moved to the city of Lamberthien, taking all their goods which belonged to the factory with them. Later on, Sigfried Stadecker – who remained in charge of the company – moved again to the city of Berlin, where he opened a large cigar factory, achieving great success.

In 1935, the Second World War was already about to start, and many Germans emigrated. Sigfried, taking advantage of the fact of having some friends in Asuncion, Paraguay, was able to leave Germany, carrying with him all the machinery and inputs needed for cigar manufacturing. And thus, he settled in Paraguay at the end of 1936, establishing the first factory of cigars of the country under the brand of “La Caoba”. It was located in front of the “Antequera” staircase monument, at the crossroad of Tacuary and Fulgencio R. Moreno streets. Stadecker has taught many Paraguayan women the traditional art of manufacturing cigars. A few months later he opened a small shop for selling his products, on No. 4 Parapítí street.

1950 - Exodus to Paraguay

In 1950, La Caoba introduces a new technology for a better finishing of its products, importing Sumatra-Java tobacco from Indonesia, and thus achieving a fine finishing of its cigars, being able to become the leader of the market in terms of quality, and the company started to export its goods, mainly to Argentina and Brazil.

In 1952, La Caoba moved its sales shop to No. 217 Gral. Diaz street, at the crossroad with Nuestra Sra. de la Asunción street, and also moving its factory to No. 1123 6ta. Proyectada street and EE.UU. street, where it remained until the beginning of 1998. Sigfried Stadecker died in July 1959, passing the management to his widow and sons.

In 1975, the company remained in charge of Estela Stadecker, the sole woman and youngest daughter of Mr. Sigfried, who inherited the sensitivity and love of her ancestors for the art of cigar manufacturing, as well as the artisan techniques transmitted from fathers to sons.

February 1988 - Modernization

In February 1998, the factory and the new offices moved to an industrial-commercial complex located in Mariano Roque Alonso, 15 kilometers from Asuncion. Said facilities have all the means which are required to produce a good cigar, such as cold and humidity chambers, temperature-controlled storage rooms, tobacco-stockpiling areas, as well as production areas.

The Management Offices, Warehouses and Distribution Center also operate there.

2001 - Specialized Shops

Currently, La Caoba has substantially changed its routing plan, but still keeping the same essence. Since 2001, La Caoba started a new stage, focusing on representation, import and distribution of goods, as its main matter of inspiration.

Relevant globally prestigious brands have been successfully distributed both in our Capital City and throughout the Paraguayan territory mainly due to the great effort of our people.

La Caoba

Diversification” is a word which can define La Caoba, as a synonymous. Currently it has a cigar factory, shops which are specialized in cigars and in associated goods, representation and distribution of imported brands, branches in the country, own selling, marketing, and logistic structures, and highly qualified professionals with ample experience in such market.

We can now confidently state that “La Caoba S.A.I.C.” represents a tradition symbol, assuring the best goods for its clients, plenty of flavor and the best quality as well. And what is worth to say, a company with 100% Paraguayan capital and labor assets, becoming a work resource for 120 persons.

2022 - Acon Tobacco

Acon Tobacco Industries proudly stands as the exclusive distributor of the esteemed La Caoba brand in 28 countries. This venerable brand, steeped in a legacy of utmost reverence for tradition, is now poised to cast its influence far and wide, thanks to ATI's profound international expertise.

In the realm of premium craftsmanship and timeless artistry, La Caoba stands as an embodiment of excellence, beckoning connoisseurs from all corners of the world into its embrace. Together with ATI's extensive global experience, we embark on a journey to unlock new horizons, expanding the reach of La Caoba to ever-widening audiences, all while weaving the threads of tradition into the tapestry of tomorrow.