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About Us

Who We Are

Acon Tobacco stands as a distinguished tobacco manufacturing enterprise, spanning operations across four continents. We proudly maintain the exclusive authorization for both the manufacturing and distribution of our proprietary brand, "Wonnerbar," in addition to four distinct cigarette labels, with a presence extending to over 20 nations. Furthermore, we serve as the sole distributor for the esteemed Paraguayan marque, "La Caoba," in a remarkable 28 countries.

At Acon Tobacco, we uphold unwavering commitments to quality and customer-centricity. Our diverse product portfolio encompasses cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, as well as a range of coffee, chocolate, and beverage offerings, all meticulously crafted under the esteemed "Wonnerbar" brand. Our dedication to offering exceptional experiences is reflected in our innovative retail concepts, which include the bespoke "W-Store" and the exclusive "W-Club."

Meet with

Our Team

Allow us to introduce our professional operational team. We are always at your service, committed to providing sustainable and high-quality services to our valued customers.

Harun Erhun


M. Attila Atilla


Akın Atilla

COO, CBO and MoB

Nilüfer A. Aksay


Marco Acosta

Paraguay, Manufacturing Manager
La Caoba, Interinstitutional Manager

Osman Atmaca

Germany Distributor

Salim Arab

Austria Distributor

Alma Kurtić

Bosnia Country Manager

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